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Draymond Green Faces Suspension After Altercation with Rudy Gobert

Draymond Green
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In a startling turn of events, the NBA landscape is rocked as Golden State Warriors’ standout player, Draymond Green, faces a consequential five-game suspension. The disciplinary action follows a heated exchange during the recent clash against the Minnesota Timberwolves, where Green found himself at the center of controversy for forcibly grabbing Rudy Gobert around the neck.

The On-Court Scuffle Unravels:

The drama unfolded within the initial two minutes of the game, ignited by a skirmish between the Warriors’ Klay Thompson and the Timberwolves’ Jaden McDaniels. The intensity of the altercation escalated with both players engaging in a physical altercation, resorting to jersey yanking and swinging as the teams navigated up the court.

Draymond Green’s Unorthodox Intervention:

Amidst the escalating tensions, Draymond Green intervened in an unconventional manner, taking matters into his own hands. In a surprising move, Green barged into the melee, promptly putting Rudy Gobert in a headlock. The uncharacteristic intervention resulted in ejections for Green, McDaniels, and Thompson, significantly altering the course of the game.

NBA’s Verdict on Draymond Green’s Actions:

In the aftermath of the tumultuous altercation, the NBA swiftly delivered its judgment, characterizing Green’s actions as both “unsportsmanlike and dangerous.” The gravity of the situation is underscored by the league’s decision to impose a five-game suspension on Green, taking into account his history of unsportsmanlike behavior.

A Repeated Offense:

This suspension marks the fifth disciplinary action in Green’s storied career. A noteworthy precedent was set with a prior incident where he received a one-game suspension for stomping on the chest of the Sacramento Kings’ Domantas Sabonis during the playoffs in April 2023.

Financial Ramifications for Draymond Green:

The NBA’s punitive decision extends beyond the court, with financial repercussions for Green. The suspension comes without pay, translating to a substantial forfeiture of $769,970 in earnings, as reported by ESPN, underscoring the severity of the disciplinary measures.

Ripple Effects on the Warriors:

The suspension reverberates through the Golden State Warriors’ lineup, adding to their woes as they grapple with a four-game losing streak. The team, currently holding a 6-6 record for the season, faces additional challenges in upcoming matchups against formidable opponents such as the Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns, and San Antonio Spurs.


Draymond Green’s return to the court is eagerly anticipated on November 29 when the Warriors face the Sacramento Kings, marking a pivotal juncture in the ongoing narrative surrounding his on-court conduct.