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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and UNIFYD Healing: Holistic Wellness

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and UNIFYD Healing: Holistic Wellness
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Renowned environmental activist, attorney, and Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explores holistic wellness in an exclusive interview with Jason Shurka of UNIFYD Healing. This conversation covers a range of intriguing topics, highlighting holistic wellness approaches and Kennedy’s efforts to establish healing centers for children facing addiction challenges. The interview, available here, is a sincere discussion examining not only Kennedy’s views on wellness but also addressing some long-standing questions and theories shrouding the Kennedy family.

Topics Covered in the Interview

  • JFK Jr.’s Alleged Survival: The interview delves into the long-standing theory that John F. Kennedy Jr. might still be alive. This speculation captured public interest, and Kennedy shared his perspective on this widely circulated belief.
  • Assassination of John F. Kennedy: A key topic of discussion centers on the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy Jr. addresses the enduring question of who was responsible for his uncle’s death, asserting it was a conspiracy rather than the act of a lone individual.
  • Conspiracy Surrounding JFK’s Assassination: In a significant quote from the interview, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reiterates his belief that John F. Kennedy’s assassination was the result of a conspiracy, not an isolated act. This viewpoint contributes to the ongoing discussion of one of American history’s most pivotal events.
  • Holistic Healing for Children: Kennedy discusses his commitment to establishing healing centers nationwide, particularly for children struggling with addiction. This goal aligns with UNIFYD Healing’s mission to make holistic wellness accessible to those in need.
  • Collaboration with EESystem: The interview highlights the potential collaboration between UNIFYD Healing and EESystem, focusing on utilizing EESystem’s scalar technology to enhance holistic healing efforts. The conversation emphasizes the significance of such partnerships in supporting children with addiction challenges.
  • EESystem’s Sponsorship: The interview was facilitated by a generous $100,000 donation from EESystem to support Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s mission. It’s important to note that this contribution is a gesture of support, not a transaction for services, maintaining transparency and integrity in promoting holistic wellness.
  • UNIFYD Healing Overview: The press release introduces UNIFYD Healing, emphasizing its dedication to making holistic wellness accessible to diverse communities. UNIFYD Healing’s mission complements Kennedy’s vision for healing centers and underscores the value of collaboration in achieving shared objectives.
  • Personal Energetic Support: In a thoughtful gesture, Jason presented Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with an EEQube, a compact and less powerful variant of the EESystem, as a symbol of support and positive energy for his journey. This personal touch highlights their genuine connection and mutual dedication to holistic well-being.

This exclusive interview offers unique insights into the holistic wellness movement, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. leading the charge for positive change. The collaboration between UNIFYD Healing, EESystem, and Kennedy demonstrates the power of partnerships in advancing holistic wellness approaches.

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UNIFYD Healing is a worldwide initiative that promotes innovative technologies like the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) and ensures they are accessible and affordable for everyone. Established on principles of unity, compassion, and empowerment, UNIFYD Healing is dedicated to making holistic wellness available to diverse communities and addressing various aspects of well-being. Presently, UNIFYD Healing operates 380 centers globally, with new locations being added weekly to extend support to individuals facing various challenges. To find and visit a center and experience the EESystem, please visit

About EESystem

EESystem is a leader in holistic wellness and energy, pioneering the use of scalar wave technology to improve individuals’ well-being by fostering an environment conducive to self-healing. Built on the principles of energy optimization and holistic health, EESystem is committed to advancing innovations that enable people to tap into their natural healing abilities. This remarkable technology has been providing hope to individuals who have found no relief with traditional methods.


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