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American Visionary M. Teresa Lawrence Celebrated with Honorary Doctorate for Her Transformative Global Impact

American Visionary M. Teresa Lawrence Celebrated with Honorary Doctorate for Her Transformative Global Impact
Photo Credited to: The Trueness Project

By: Jonathan Brierre

In the vast tapestry of inspiring stories, it’s rare to come across a luminary like M. Teresa Lawrence, whose life’s work has been a beacon of hope and transformation across continents. As a writer constantly on the lookout for those unique individuals who bring their light into the world, discovering Teresa’s journey is akin to uncovering a hidden gem. This December, Teresa’s remarkable contributions to education, social entrepreneurship, and leadership development are celebrated with an honorary doctorate, a fitting accolade for a woman who has dedicated her life to empowering communities and nurturing global change.

Born in Cuba and having immigrated to the United States, Teresa’s journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of dreams and encouraging others to do the same. Her multifaceted career as an attorney, publisher, educator, and entrepreneur is a testament to her dedication to fostering creativity and authentic living. “I express my creativity by envisioning and implementing innovative programs that empower community building, celebrate creativity and inspire all of us to live in authenticity,” Teresa shared with me.

At the helm of the Covered Wagon Nation in Jackson, Wyoming, USA, Teresa’s Leadership of Play coaching program exemplifies her unique approach. This program equips clients to face fears and achieve goals through creativity and collaboration. Additionally, her literary contributions, including ‘Gloriousness’ and ‘The Power of Leadership with M. Teresa Lawrence,’ offer insights into her philosophy, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a child-like wonder and resilience in leadership.

Teresa’s USA-based non-profit, The Trueness Project, furthers her commitment to authentic self-expression and storytelling. “Our programs aim to create spaces for people of all backgrounds to share their stories and truths,” she states, embodying Mother Teresa’s belief in the power of love-driven service. The project’s reach extends beyond the USA, impacting communities globally through various programs and initiatives.

Her recent visit to Kenya as a keynote speaker and her donations of ‘Gloriousness’ to children during her Kenya Keynote Tour was just the beginning. The Kenya Initiative, born from her conversations with educators and students in Kenya, aims to address critical needs through education and empowerment. 

Honorary Doctorate and The New Year Ahead

On December 14, 2023, Teresa’s extraordinary work was formally recognized when she received the Doctorate in Humane Letters in Leadership Development, Justice, and Advocacy from the Open Christian University USA, and Angaza Bible College, Kenya. “I am deeply honored to receive this doctorate,” Teresa reflects. “It recognizes my work in expanding leadership training throughout the world and the impact of The Trueness Project in Kenya.”

As 2024 unfolds, the newly recognized Teresa Lawrence’s calendar is marked with ambitious goals and transformative events, each echoing her unwavering commitment to global change and personal empowerment. Central to her vision for the year is the further expansion of The Kenya Initiative, a project close to her heart. 

This initiative, born from Teresa’s profound connections with Kenyan communities, aims to address educational and resource needs through groundbreaking efforts. From installing Starlink Satellite Systems in remote villages to providing laptops for schools, Teresa’s focus is firmly set on making tangible, positive impacts. 

Beyond her work in Kenya, June 2024 will witness a particularly spectacular event – The Grand Butterfly Gathering in Jackson, Wyoming. This event, more than just a fundraiser for The Trueness Project, symbolizes the ethos of Teresa’s life’s work: transformation, growth, and the beauty of change. Participants from around the world, dressed as butterflies, will attempt to set a new world record, encapsulating the spirit of unlimited potential and positive change. 

“The butterfly symbolizes the transformation we all make as we learn, struggle, and eventually master the journey of life,” Teresa explains. This event is not just a celebration but a powerful statement of community, creativity, and love – the cornerstones of Teresa’s vision for a better world. As Teresa gears up for this planet-shaking event, her hopes are high that it will not only break records but also lift the collective spirit and consciousness toward a more compassionate and creative future.

If you’re interested in supporting the various initiatives Teresa is spearheading this year, you can get in contact with her through The Trueness Project website.

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