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Anthony Finochio, RN, on Transforming Healthcare One Day at a Time

Anthony Finochio, RN, on Transforming Healthcare One Day at a Time
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Anthony Finochio is not your ordinary Registered Nurse. Beyond the confines of hospital walls, he has built a specialty that combines both the knowledge gleaned from conventional medical professions and the wisdom honed through his unruly knack for research and a unique trial-and-error methodology applied to his life. As he firmly believes in a proactive rather than a reactive approach to health and wellness, his vibrant path in the nursing profession has taken a turn towards a new horizon, aiming at helping individuals prevent diseases rather than manage them.

For nearly six years, Finochio has made the hospital settings his battlefield, applying his extensive nursing expertise across the state of Pennsylvania and even beyond, venturing into other states across the nation. During his long exposure to an array of healthcare settings, he made a sobering discovery. As he exchanged innumerable gloves and sanitized his hands countless times during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, he saw firsthand how the medical system, despite its best efforts, was failing chronically ill patients.

As the number of COVID-19 cases surged and the healthcare system buckled under extreme pressure, a distraught Finochio witnessed the startling prevalence of chronic illnesses sweeping through the nation. But this only made him firmer in his resolution. He realized that perhaps the most effective way to assist patients was not confined within the four walls of an ICU room. The need of the hour was a shift in narrative and practice – from tertiary to primary prevention.

In forging his unique path in the healthcare sector, Finochio chose to combat these challenges by drawing from his rich, kaleidoscopic experiences to assist people in their journey to better health and improved wellness. The results were phenomenal. His regimen included devising personalized meal and workout plans, providing extensive life coaching, and unabashedly sharing his well-researched insights and transformative experiences. His Instagram page, @anthonyfinochio and website,, became a go-to resource for many seeking to inspire themselves towards better health and ideal fitness.

Driven by a passion for health and a deep-seated need to educate people towards better lifestyle choices, Finochio embarked upon a mission to guide people to be the best versions of themselves. Long hours of patient-centric duty, the daunting revelation of the failing healthcare system, the fast-emerging pandemic, and the widespread incidence of chronic illnesses did not deter his spirits. Instead, it became the fuel that ignited his passion for public health education– a critical step in preempting the onslaught of preventable diseases.

And so, the Asclepius Movement was born, named after the ancient Greek God of Medicine and Healing. Finochio’s novel venture aimed to revolutionize the modality of healthcare delivery by moving the focus from the ‘disease’ to the ‘individual.’ Grounded in the philosophy that each person has the potential to take control of their health, the Asclepius Movement embodies a holistic approach to wellness.

Today, the world recognizes Anthony Finochio not only as a hero in scrubs who tirelessly worked on the frontline during a global pandemic but also as a beacon of hope for those seeking to transform their lives holistically. His commitment to empowering individuals to take the reins of their health is a testament to his belief in the power of prevention.

Finochio’s journey from the clinical setting to becoming a facilitator of primary prevention illustrates the power of inventive thinking, immense compassion, and the resolute belief in the boundless potential of human beings. Implementing a revolutionary approach towards healthcare prevention, Anthony Finochio has truly transformed into a beacon of resilience and insurmountable spirit, revolutionizing both personal health and public wellness, one day at a time.

Published by: Aly Cinco

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