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Boxing Deserves Better: The Hit N Move Revolution

Boxing Deserves Better The Hit N Move Revolution_4
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

A Mission for Superior Boxing Gear

Boxing has long been a sport where tradition reigns supreme. From the old-school training routines to the equipment used in gyms around the world, much has remained unchanged for decades. However, one company is on a mission to change that, driven by a simple yet powerful motto: “Boxing Deserves Better.”

The Visionaries Behind Hit N Move

Hit N Move, a company founded by Ozzie Akcakaya, a certified Level 4 fitness expert with a background in orthopedics and anatomy, is leading the charge for innovation in boxing equipment. Alongside his wife Alaina, a marketing and ergonomics specialist, Ozzie is committed to bringing superior quality, advanced technology, and ergonomic design to the forefront of the sport.

From Frustration to Innovation

The journey began when Ozzie, an internationally certified personal trainer and pharmaceutical sales executive, started boxing as a hobby. Frustrated by the lack of quality gear, he envisioned creating something better. “I fell in love with boxing,” he told On the Ropes. “When you learn and advance in boxing, you start to learn what good gear is. I didn’t really find anything good enough. Boxing gloves always had something nice and bad about them, so I wanted to make a padding that gives me the compact fit but also protective and durable on the bag, and that’s where ‘boxing deserves better’ comes from.”

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Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Game-Changing Dr-T Technology

Hit N Move’s standout innovation is their Dr-T Technology, featured in their training boxing gloves. This technology is designed to enhance acceleration, feedback, and protection. It transfers force efficiently from the feet and hips through the core, shoulders, and arms into the target, ensuring a more effective punch. The gloves also include DR-T padding, composed of microlayers that offer knuckle protection without adding bulk, making them both comfortable and durable. “We brought protection and comfort into a very compact puncher’s glove,” Ozzie explains. “This innovative technology makes the Hit N MoveTraining Boxing Gloves the most comfortable and durable option.”

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Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Redefining Focus Mitts

The company’s focus extends beyond just gloves. Recognizing the stagnation in boxing equipment innovation, Hit N Move has also revolutionized the design of focus mitts, a crucial tool for boxing coaches. Traditional mitts required coaches to twist their arms awkwardly to create real-world angles for body shots, often leading to elbow and wrist pain. Inspired by the protective shell of a turtle, Ozzie developed Turtle Mitts, which use orthopedic EVA foam to absorb impact and protect the coach’s wrists and elbows from injury. This redesign ensures a safer, more realistic training experience.

Safer Shadowboxing Solutions

Hit N Move’s commitment to safety and innovation is evident in their approach to shadowboxing as well. Traditional shadowboxing with dumbbells can be dangerous and is generally not recommended in professional circles. HIt N Move has identified that the ideal weight for punching training is between 1.5 to 2 lbs, and their new gloves incorporate this weight distribution to provide a safe and effective training tool.

Commitment to Excellence

The company’s dedication to “Boxing Deserves Better” is more than just a slogan. It’s a philosophy that drives every aspect of their product development. By combining Ozzie’s expertise in orthopedics and Alaina’s background in ergonomics, Hit N Move is setting new standards in the boxing world. They aim to provide athletes with equipment that not only meets but exceeds their expectations, ensuring both safety and performance.

Boxing Deserves Better The Hit N Move Revolution
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Leading the Innovation Charge

In a sport that often clings to tradition, Hit N Move stands out as a beacon of innovation. Their products reflect a deep understanding of the needs of modern athletes, and their commitment to quality is unwavering. As Ozzie and Alaina continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in boxing equipment, the future of Hit N Move looks bright. With athletes demanding more from their training gear, Hit N Move is poised to remain at the forefront of this revolution.

Conclusion: A Brighter Future for Boxing

Hit N Move’s mission is clear: to bring boxing gear that honours the sport’s rich history while embracing modern technology and ergonomics. As Ozzie aptly puts it, “Boxing deserves better,” and with Hit N Move, better is exactly what the sport is getting.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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