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Cristi Hernz Channeling Wellbeing with Healing Rhythms of Music

Cristi Hernz Channeling Healing Rhythms of Music
Photo Courtesy: Cristina Hernandez

Music possesses a remarkable ability to touch hearts, quickly change moods, and allow people to express their deepest emotions. Its power is magnified within a welcoming community, enhancing everyone’s overall sense of well-being.

Understanding music’s significant influence, many events and festivals are designed to deeply engage attendees in experiences that evoke specific emotions. These experiences offer an easy and affordable way to positively shift the mindset. 

While music might not solve all mental health challenges, it certainly offers valuable support and a temporary escape.

Take the example of Cristina Hernandez from Miami, a vibrant DJ and music producer known for her eclectic blend of musical styles. Her lively sets, which mix Latin, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, and electronic beats, are not just for entertainment but also serve as a personal therapeutic outlet. 

For Cristina, blending various music genres is key to creating an environment of well-being, both for herself and her audience. By creating percussion-based beats, Cristina uses music to soothe her emotions, showcasing its ability to comfort and heal.

Music has been a pivotal support system in her life, offering solace during challenging times. It’s been a consistent force, helping her to weather life’s highs and lows with resilience. Life is meant to be lived, and with that then comes risk such as obstacles that become difficult to continue further as we feel, but it’s all about continuing and being consistent with yourself, as she states “music is consistent with its beats continuing and flowing, that’s how you live life, you have up beats and then you have low beats, keep the music flowing and keep life flowing! I love to listen to all forms of music as soothing, partying, mood relevant, there’s just so many different relatable forms that you can choose for your timing in life.”

Beyond this personal experience, music’s calming effects are profoundly recognized. Psychological research widely accepts that music has a meditative effect on the brain. Listening to music you enjoy can lower cortisol levels (a stress hormone) and enhance feelings of relaxation, focus, and happiness. Plus, playing an instrument like a drum offers a fun way to release emotions and uplift your mood.

Cristina’s percussion-based drumming blends traditional Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms with modern electronic beats, reflecting her Miami heritage. Her deeply personal approach uses instruments like drums and bongos to connect and communicate with her audience on a soulful level, offering an immersive and dynamic musical experience. But music is not limited to personal well-being. It has a community-level scope, too. In large settings, music can help create a bond between different groups. 

Social interaction alone positively affects mental well-being, combine it with music, and you’ve elevated to the next. A survey conducted by O2 and Goldsmiths, University of London, found that attending live music events every two weeks can increase well-being and improve overall quality of life by 21% compared to those who rarely or never attend concerts. This suggests that the combination of socializing and listening to music in a live setting can significantly impact well-being.

Cristina steers Selva Beats MIA in this spirit, blending various musical genres to promote healing and unity. Leading a team of skilled DJs, she organized engaging musical events like her camp Galactic Jungle at Love Burn 2024- The South Regional of Burning Man Festival, enhancing community ties and cultural understanding. Through these efforts, Cristina demonstrates how music can be a powerful agent of unity and well-being.

These shared musical moments boost the overall mood and health of the community, proving that diverse music can lift everyone’s spirits.

In essence, music serves as a powerful tool for healing and unity. It goes beyond just being a form of entertainment; it can improve our mental health and bring communities closer together. 

Through her work with Selva Beats MIA, Cristina is playing her part in using music’s incredible role in making life more interesting by learning about different cultures and traditions and building strong relationships between people. Her efforts highlight how music can be a companion in tough times and a kickstarter for bringing joy and unity. 

Simply put, music holds a special place in our hearts and communities, acting as a universal language that heals, connects, and celebrates the richness of our diverse cultures.


Published By: Aize Perez

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