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Diane Foster’s Horror-Comedy Film is a Breakout Sensation

Diane Foster’s Horror-Comedy Film is a Breakout Sensation
DIANE FOSTER and DAN LESSER working on the set of "Easter Bloody Easter." / Photo Courtesy: MICHAEL MUITA / WallyBird Productions

By: Laura Davis

A genre-bending horror-comedy with a female-powered punch, “Easter Bloody Easter” is streaming on VOD platforms, receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Directed by, produced by, and starring the multi-talented Diane Foster, the film delivers an Easter celebration unlike any other, filled with laughs, screams, and a monstrous new holiday creature.

The surprising success of “Easter Bloody Easter” has taken the horror world by storm. Reviewers and fans alike are raving about the film, praising its unique blend of scares, humor and heart. This isn’t your typical horror flick, and that’s exactly what’s resonating with audiences.

For her feature film directorial debut, Diane Foster, who also stars in the film, highlights the positive reception, particularly from female critics. “We are thrilled,” she says, “that people are responding in a positive way and enjoying the fun experience of the film.”

Reviewers have noted the film’s ability to connect with a female audience, praising it for its rare perspective. “Easter Bloody Easter” avoids the tired trope of helpless female characters, instead offering a story “with a lot of heart and loads of comedy and creativity,” according to Foster. 

Film critic Sarah G. Vincent writes “…over the top fun…Monty Python would approve…there were so many great lines that if Foster and Lobel are aiming for cult status, i.e. long-term success, they will probably succeed.”

Reviewer Bee Dolores of B-Sides & Badlands writes, “What Diane Foster achieves is a commendable horror-comedy with plenty of gags that just work on every level.”

Vincent adds, “The Bunny Hop Dance was off the hook. If the cast decided to adapt the film into an off-Broadway production, it would be a hit.”

The film stands out for its fresh take on the genre, offering something new and exciting, both behind the camera, with its largely female crew, and on-screen with a powerhouse women-led ensemble cast.

Filmmaker and star Diane Foster says, “We are an indie film made by women and thrilled about the positive responses to the film, the soundtrack and the music videos. We are definitely making a sequel.”

She adds, “What was especially of note is how so many of the female reviewers really got the film and understood that we were making this film from the perspective of real women. That seems to have resonated because it’s not just your typical comedy horror movie where girls are running around screaming half-naked.”

A Passion Project with a Bite

“Easter Bloody Easter” marks Foster’s directorial debut, a culmination of years of nurturing a unique vision. The film is more than just a horror romp; it’s a passion project that celebrates female empowerment and the power of collaboration.

“I’ve always loved horror movies and quirky comedies,” Foster shares. “Blending those genres in a fresh way has been a dream.”

Film reviewer Emily Benett from Love Horror writes, “Diane Foster makes her feature directorial debut…a film that seamlessly blends horror, comedy and mystery into a quirky egg-shaped package.”

In a Town Terrorized, a Heroine Emerges

The film follows Jeanie (played by Foster), a seemingly ordinary Texas housewife whose seemingly normal Easter celebration takes a bloody turn. When a series of violent murders rocks her small town of Walburg, Texas, suspicion falls on the legendary Jackalope, a shapeshifting creature said to terrorize the town every 150 years.

With her husband, Lance, missing and the town gripped by fear, Jeanie refuses to sit back and watch. Joining forces with her best friend Carol and guided by the eccentric conspiracy theorist Sam, Jeanie embarks on a hilarious and perilous mission to uncover the truth.

Diane Foster’s Horror-Comedy Film is a Breakout Sensation
DIANE FOSTER, ALEXA CHA and JAMIE CLINE working on the set of “Easter Bloody Easter.” / Photo Courtesy: MICHAEL MUITA / WallyBird Productions

A Monstrous Debut and a Diverse Cast

One of the film’s lauded elements is the Killer Jackalope, a terrifying yet comical beast brought to life by a talented special effects team. This monstrous debut promises to leave a lasting impression on audiences for many years to come.

Screen Zealot’s Louisa Moore writes, “This silly and satisfying goofball of a movie boasts cheap (and hilarious) special effects, over-the-top musical numbers, and a rabbit suit that is the chef’s kiss of kitschy perfection.”

Adding to the film’s undeniable charm is a dynamic and diverse cast, including Kelly Grant, Allison Lobel (who also penned the screenplay), Zuri Starks and D’Andre Noiré.

A Celebration of Female Creativity

Beyond the on-screen talent, “Easter Bloody Easter” boasts an impressive crew, a remarkable 95% of whom identify as women. This dedication to gender parity earned the film the ReFrame Stamp from Women in Film, a recognition Foster wears with pride.

“Creating a space where diverse voices are heard and empowered is crucial to me,” Foster states. “I’m incredibly grateful for the talented women who have brought this vision to life, both in front of and behind the camera.”

A Soundtrack to Remember

The film further elevates the experience with a captivating soundtrack composed by award-winning BMI Composer Mark Vogel. Featuring over 75 original music pieces, including ten full songs, the soundtrack has been compared to a sing-along sensation reminiscent of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Foster’s WallyBird Productions also produced five impressive music videos to accompany the soundtrack.

Beyond the Horror Genre

“Easter Bloody Easter” transcends the horror genre, offering a rare blend of humor, suspense, and a heartwarming message of female strength and collaboration. With its monstrous twist on a traditional holiday, the film is poised to become a cult classic, offering audiences a memorable and entertaining Easter experience that can be celebrated as a new yearly obsession.

As FilmThreat’s Bobby LePire writes, “’Easter Bloody Easter’ finds the proper groove to become a camp classic.”

Streaming now on platforms, including AppleTV, iTunes and Amazon.


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