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EXPOSE: A New Chapter Igniting Change

EXPOSE: A New Chapter Igniting Change
Photo Courtesy: Upward African Woman

Upward African Woman Rebrands as EXPOSE

In the bustling city of Los Angeles, amidst its sprawling urban charm and glittering skyline, stands a woman whose journey embodies a blend of entrepreneurial prowess and a heartfelt commitment to making the world a better place. Monalisa Okojie, the visionary CEO behind Nehita Inc., and the driving force of EXPOSE, is not just any entrepreneur. She is a global visionary and seasoned executive known for her unparalleled dedication to catalyzing positive change across international borders.

Monalisa combines over 15 years of diverse experience spanning the legal, fashion, and nonprofit sectors. Her unique approach has not only driven substantial global impact but also paved the way for a future where entrepreneurship intertwines with social responsibility. At the helm of Nehita Inc., Monalisa has redefined luxury jewelry with her ethically sourced, nature-inspired designs that resonate with exceptional craftsmanship and ethical business practices. Under her leadership, Nehita has blossomed into an internationally acclaimed brand, synonymous with luxury that carries conscience.

Beyond her corporate endeavors lies Monalisa’s profound vision for societal upliftment through EXPOSE, formerly known as UPWARD AFRICAN WOMAN. As its Founder and Executive Director, she has launched an array of initiatives aimed at empowering entrepreneurs, women, youth, and marginalized communities across the globe. From microfinance ventures offering small business loans to extensive mentorship programs designed to nurture female entrepreneurship and leadership—the scope of her impact is vast. These projects are testament to her belief that everyone matters—a principle that underpins all her work.

Her quote “You matter, I matter, We all matter” encapsulates this ethos perfectly. It’s not just a statement; it’s a clarion call to acknowledge our collective responsibility towards each other in fostering a world where every individual can thrive.

EXPOSE: A New Chapter Igniting Change
Photo Courtesy: Upward African Woman

This philosophy extends beyond words into tangible recognition from various quarters. Monalisa’s contributions have been acknowledged far and wide—earning accolades from the State of California, City of Los Angeles, City of Beverly Hills; being honored with the Distinguished Service Award from HYASA; recognized as a Los Angeles Business Journal Honoree for Humanitarian Work; receiving the prestigious Platinum Humanitarian Award from Millionaires and Entrepreneurs with A Cause Foundation; holding the title Ambassador for Global Prosperity and Peace by GGPI; and recently receiving a Citation for Women Empowerment by 2nd Image International in Ghana.

These honors reflect not just personal milestones but milestones for humanity—a testament to what visionary leadership fused with compassionate action can achieve.

Monalisa’s dedication extends beyond borders through collaborations with international organizations like Hopeworks Ghana, which highlights her unwavering commitment to global partnerships in pursuit of prosperity and peace. Her work embodies innovation blended seamlessly with compassion—an inspiration demonstrating that true success comes from elevating others alongside oneself.

To follow Monalisa Okojie’s journey or learn more about EXPOSE’s transformative projects, visit Herein lies not just information but an invitation—to be part of something greater than ourselves; to contribute towards building communities where entrepreneurship serves as both catalyst and nurturer for sustainable development.

EXPOSE: A New Chapter Igniting Change
Photo Courtesy: Upward African Woman

EXPOSE symbolizes their core values and mission: 

E – Education: Breaking barriers to education and unlocking potential.
X – Excellence: Striving for excellence in all endeavors.
P – Partnerships: Collaborating to create meaningful change.
O – Opportunity: Creating pathways for access and growth.
S – Support: Providing assistance and advocacy.
E – Empowerment: Equipping individuals for self-development.


While their name has evolved, their dedication remains the same. EXPOSE is devoted to establishing sustainable programs that address socioeconomic disparities and promote the well-being of children, youth, and women. Their focus areas include Education Scholarship Programs, Health and Wellness Initiatives, Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment Programs, Community Outreach, and Youth Career Development.

Monalisa Okojie represents more than just entrepreneurial success or philanthropic excellence—she symbolizes hope. In an era craving positive change, she stands out as proof that business acumen combined with genuine concern for societal welfare can create ripples across the globe—rivers nurturing life in deserts long parched by inequality and injustice.

As we witness her journey unfold further, let us draw inspiration from such luminaries who remind us that our pursuits need not be limited within commercial successes or individual aspirations alone but should aim higher towards impacting lives positively—making each effort count towards shaping a future where everyone indeed matters.

EXPOSE: A New Chapter Igniting Change
Photo Courtesy: Upward African Woman

Published By: Aize Perez

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