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Finding God with Kisha Hodges: The Ordained Minister

Finding God with Kisha Hodges The Ordained Minister
Photo Courtesy: Kisha Hodges

By: April Adams

Spirituality offers different meanings to different souls. For some, it is love for God. For others, it is loving others for the sake of God. For some, it is seeking forgiveness. For others, it is forgiving those who hurt them.

Yet, what is the heart of spirituality? 

Spirituality and Its Essence

According to Rumi, the essence of spirituality is love, but what love means to one can vary from person to person. Faith and spirituality are intertwined. Faith is a person’s belief and trust in God, whereas spirituality is the base of this trust. Kisha Hodges, an author, stand-up comedian, and an ordained minister at a church in Cleveland, Ohio, firmly believes in this.

Events Leading to Spiritual Awakening in Kisha’s Life

Kisha’s life has not been as easy as she tries to make it for others. Growing up, she struggled with severe psychological upheaval. Her childhood wasn’t about toys and candies; it was a rollercoaster of distressing events. Kisha’s mother had her out of marriage, and her father already had a family. 

This left her mother as the only parent raising Kisha. But it was more complicated than it sounds. Her mother’s strained history with the FBI caused her to hide from it. The constant hiding from the law deprived her of the stability indispensable for childhood.

However, she was too young to react or express herself, yet she was still collecting all those unpleasant memories. Those painful recollections troubled Kisha for most of her life. It left her depressed and anxious about her life. She visited multiple psychiatrists, but nothing helped ease her agony. 

While struggling psychologically, she realized she needed something more than medicines and doctors. None of these would erase her memories because it was not about erasing what she experienced but making peace with it. However, she didn’t know how to make peace with her past. 

Yet, as Rumi aptly noted, “Every breath is a chance to be reborn spiritually. But to be reborn into a new life, you must die before dying.” Death before dying is used metaphorically here. It signifies that a person can find spiritual rejuvenation after facing struggles, leading to a profound connection with God. The hardships are a gateway to soulful restoration.

For Kisha, it was time to be reborn spiritually, as she had struggled enough. 

Kisha’s Journey to Becoming an Ordained Minister

She started praying to God, as she learned about it early in her life from her grandmother. It was through constant praying and visiting church she found comfort. She started to connect with people around her. She formed a community at the church where everyone would discuss their past and lifelong adversities. 

Humans desire to be understood and share a sense of belonging, which supports them morally. People who understood her played a positive part, but the significant impact was spiritual renewal.

Not only did Kisha find solace, but she also started helping others. Her devotion to God led her to start loving others for his sake. She was encouraged by her efforts and preachings in the church, which led to her becoming an ordained minister. The soul who once searched for peace now offered it to others.

While talking about her spiritual journey, she said, “I was judged and rejected by society for being myself and for the troubled past I had. I felt alone, but that is when spirituality embraced me. It gave me the hug I needed, the shoulder I wanted to cry on. It offered me comfort and to every hurt soul who seeks it.

To sum up, every soul has its journey, and only they get to decide what their journey should look like. God is always there to guide, but a soul must have the proper spark to attract guidance. In Kisha’s case, she had what it took to repent and rebuild herself. 

Her journey makes people realize that a blend of faith and spirituality can comfort them no matter where their spiritual compass is. It can give them a broader perspective of life, allowing them to relate to those in similar or worse situations than them. The core narrative of her journey is that spirituality offers ease for everyone, irrespective of their belief system and the challenges they have faced.

Kisha’s story exemplifies how faith can do wonders. It teaches them that spirituality is about loving humanity, serving people, and bringing them joy.


Published by: Khy Talara

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