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From Teaching to Triumph: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey

From Teaching to Triumph: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew's Entrepreneurial Odyssey
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Liew

“From Teaching to Triumph: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey” narrates the remarkable journey of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, a visionary whose life has been dedicated to fostering education, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. Born in An-dong, South Korea, a place known for its scholarly legacy, Dr. Liew emerged from a family celebrated for its contributions to education, politics, defense, and medicine. This heritage laid the groundwork for her boundless ambition and her journey to the United States at the age of 24, marking the beginning of an extraordinary odyssey in education and entrepreneurship.

Before relocating to the U.S., Dr. Liew had already established herself as a community pillar in South Korea, serving in roles that ranged from an English and SAT teacher to a Sunday school director and assistant pastor. Her involvement in community service, combined with her professional endeavors, illustrated her innate passion for nurturing growth and development in others. These experiences not only honed her skills but also deepened her understanding of the critical role of education in societal advancement.

Dr. Liew’s academic achievements are nothing short of remarkable. She pursued advanced degrees, including a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), with a specialization in international trade, e-commerce, IT, and finance from Pacific State University. Further enriching her educational portfolio are two post-doctoral degrees in biblical preaching and Christian sales, marketing, and nonprofit management from Newburgh College, alongside master’s degrees in theology and Christian education. Her pursuit of knowledge didn’t stop there; Dr. Liew has completed a plethora of professional courses at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, including Harvard, Wharton, and MIT, among others.

Transitioning from education to entrepreneurship, Dr. Liew’s endeavors in the business world are as diverse as they are impactful. As the CEO of MPS Merchant Services Group and an owner of an ISO office, she has made significant strides in the fintech industry, partnering with leading companies like Worldpay by FIS. Her contributions extend to the real estate sector as the CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management Inc., where she has demonstrated expertise in investment and finance for over two decades.

Moreover, Dr. Liew’s leadership role in the Global Jesus Mission Church and as the CEO/principal of the 501(c)(3) workforce nonprofit, Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation Inc., underscores her unwavering commitment to community service and support for small businesses, startups, and individuals in need. These initiatives reflect her dedication to leveraging her knowledge and resources for the greater good, fostering opportunities for education, job creation, and economic growth.

Dr. Liew’s entrepreneurial journey is also marked by her foray into politics, driven by her belief in the need for strong, knowledgeable leadership to address the challenges facing communities and the nation. Her campaigns for U.S. Congress and plans for the U.S. Senate embody her commitment to public service, with her academic pursuits in public leadership and policy further equipping her to make meaningful contributions in the political arena.

This odyssey from educator to entrepreneur to political candidate highlights Dr. Liew’s multifaceted career and her extraordinary ability to inspire and effect change across various sectors. Her work in investing, legal services, and entrepreneurship has earned her widespread recognition, illustrating the profound impact of her contributions on individuals, businesses, and communities alike.

Dr. Liew’s ongoing efforts, including her plans to publish 20 books and her leadership in establishing numerous businesses and nonprofit organizations, signify her relentless pursuit of excellence and her dedication to empowering others. Her story serves as a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating that with passion, perseverance, and a heart for service, one can indeed traverse the path from teaching to triumph, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

As Dr. Liew continues to build upon her legacy, her journey serves as a testament to the power of education, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy in shaping a better future. Her life’s work not only underscores the importance of multidisciplinary knowledge and innovation but also exemplifies the profound impact one individual can have on society. Dr. Liew’s entrepreneurial odyssey, from teaching to triumph, is a vivid illustration of how vision, determination, and a commitment to service can lead to remarkable achievements and lasting change.

Her ventures extend beyond mere business success, delving into the realms of technology and non-profits, where her initiatives, celebrated by LA Wire and NY Weekly, underscore her commitment to educational advancement and entrepreneurship. This holistic approach to leadership, showcased in CEO Weekly, positions her as a dynamic force reshaping the contours of the global business landscape.

Dr. Liew’s steadfast dedication to effecting social change and championing justice is vividly captured by Influencer Daily and US Reporter, reflecting her deep-rooted desire to instigate substantial positive transformations. Her efforts in enhancing education and propelling real estate innovations have been recognized by Voyage NY and USBusiness News, emphasizing her pivotal role in driving economic prosperity.

Her narrative, as depicted in Famous Times and Economic Insider, serves as a beacon of inspiration, illustrating her journey from educator to entrepreneur, underscored by a profound community impact. This narrative is complemented by her recognition in Entertainment Post and Kivo Daily, which celebrate her leadership and her groundbreaking contributions to real estate and technology.

Acknowledged by Portland News and Lawire for her significant input in public policy and legal services, Dr. Liew’s multifaceted career epitomizes the essence of innovation, leadership, and unwavering dedication to the betterment of society. Through her diverse accomplishments, Dr. Liew emerges as a luminary, tirelessly working towards a brighter, more equitable future for all.

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Published by: Martin De Juan

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