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Gospel Meets Country in Jim Huddleston’s Debut EP, ‘Gospel Outlaw’

Jim Huddleston
Photo Credit: Jim Huddleston

Picture a small mobile home park in Irving, Texas, where a grand tapestry of music genres blends into a distinctive sound. A young Jim Huddleston, spellbound by his father’s participation in local country music bands, garners an ear for melody. Fast forward several years, and the now grown-up Huddleston, an established country singer-songwriter and disabled veteran, released his hotly anticipated debut EP, “Gospel Outlaw,” on December 8th. 

Produced by Jim himself, with Michael Stover of MTS Records, the EP bravely treads where few dare to venture – where the crossroads of country and gospel meet. It features a fusion of original songs that radiate his unique country-bluegrass style. These songs carry powerful messages of faith and perseverance, audacious testaments to Jim Huddleston’s courageous journey back to music after his military service.

“Gospel Outlaw” consists of seven riveting tracks, each with its own narrative and charm, akin to beads on a beautifully wrought string. Included is the already-released single “I’ll Be Gone,” which has garnered over 65,000 streams on Spotify. Songs like the title track “Outlaw” grab attention, being a powerful anthem about unyielding faith, while “Little Hope Baptist Church” offers a heartwarming homage to Jim’s place of worship.

In the creation of “Gospel Outlaw,” Huddleston was influenced by his own unique worldview. He shares, “Everything I write stems from my unfiltered and slightly biased perspective. I say what I think most people would like to say, are afraid to say, or would be embarrassed to say… Everything I see, hear, or interact with influences my music.”

This EP serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, shone brightly by Huddleston’s unwavering desire to raise a voice for America during these trying times. After all, his journey into professional music began as simply as the strum of a guitar chord in a local barber shop. And once touched by the muse of music, there was no looking back for Jim. 

When asked about his inspiration, Huddleston shares a wide range of musical interests, from the MTS family of singers to the undervalued balladeer Marty Robbins, whom he lauds for his storytelling abilities. His practice routine displays admirable humility and talent. He says, “I walk out there and try to make some new friends and entertain them.”

Outside of music, the singer-songwriter leads a fulfilling life as a devout church attendee and a dedicated family man. He’s also an avid football fan. His definition of success remains grounded in faith, family, and the ability to create positive change. “Success to me is glorifying God, providing for my family, and changing lives, if only one, for the better,” Huddleston expressed.

Beyond “Gospel Outlaw,” Huddleston reveals plans for an upcoming single release and eventual plans for another EP or album. As he steps forward on his musical journey, he offers these words of wisdom to newcomers, “Be patient, and understand that not everyone is going to like what you play.”

Jim Huddleston’s debut EP “Gospel Outlaw” showcases the ability of talented artists to combine a wealth of life experiences with their strong faith in making beautiful music. It’ll be available on all major music platforms, and for those interested in learning more about Huddleston and his music, the official website is This is just the beginning of his musical journey, and the world is eagerly waiting to see what heights his Gospel Outlaw will reach next.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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