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Green Island’s Mission of Empowerment and Healing for Women

Green Island's Mission of Empowerment and Healing for Women
Photo Courtesy: Anthony Escalante

In the heart of Washington DC, a unique bakery is rising like a warm loaf of soda bread in the early morning. Green Island Bakery, under the stewardship of Caroline Johnston, its CEO and founder, is not just another spot for indulging in sweet confections. It’s a sanctuary where baking intertwines with social change, offering a fresh start to women who have experienced domestic violence. Since its inception in 2020, this establishment has been more than a purveyor of baked goods; it’s a beacon of hope and transformation.

Photo Courtesy: Anthony Escalante

Caroline Johnston’s journey into the world of baking was not merely driven by passion but also as a pathway to healing and empowerment. Having grown up in Northern Ireland, Caroline brought with her family recipes that had been passed down through generations. These recipes were not just instructions on making Irish treats; they were reminders of resilience, tradition, and comfort from back home. “Irish & European Bakery in the DMV – Authentic baked goods and breads using family recipes!” This motto encapsulates the essence of Green Island Bakery – an homage to heritage and authenticity.

Baking holds profound significance for Caroline. Having her own lived experiences she can resonate with those women. GreenIsland Bakery is working with groups of Domestic Violence and Sex Trafficking Survivors Survivors.  After enduring domestic violence herself, she discovered solace and strength in the act of baking. It became her anchor, providing both hope and inspiration during her darkest times. Recognizing the therapeutic potential of baking and eager to empower others who had walked similar paths, Caroline founded Green Island Bakery with a mission that transcended conventional business goals.

The bakery has become synonymous with second chances. Women who have survived domestic violence are given opportunities for employment within this nurturing environment. Here, they’re not defined by their past but are celebrated for their strength and resilience. Through mentorship programs led by Caroline herself, these women learn not only the art of baking but also skills essential for rebuilding their lives

Photo Courtesy: Anthony Escalante

Green Island Bakery specializes in authentic Irish treats — from soda breads to scones — each item tells a story of heritage and heart. But it’s not just about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day; it’s about bringing a slice of Ireland to Washington DC every day while fostering community and support among those who need it most.

Engagement with Green Island Bakery extends beyond its physical location through vibrant social media platforms like Instagram. Here, followers can catch glimpses behind the scenes: flour-dusted aprons, golden crusts emerging from ovens, and smiles that speak volumes about healing and newfound joy. This digital presence serves as an extension of Caroline’s mission: connecting people not only through food but through stories that resonate deeply with human experiences.

The impact Caroline Johnston has made within her community since 2020 is immeasurable. By integrating compassion into every aspect of her business model — from sourcing ingredients to mentoring employees — she demonstrates how enterprises can play a pivotal role in societal change.

What sets Green Island Bakery apart is its unwavering commitment to authenticity—both in its culinary offerings and its social mission. It stands as proof that businesses can be powerful platforms for advocacy and empowerment.

Through perseverance and dedication to her craft and cause, Caroline Johnston illustrates how one individual’s vision can catalyze change on multiple levels—cultivating a space where recovery is possible, futures can be reclaimed, and pastries serve as much more than mere treats; they’re symbols of hope.

Green Island Bakery embodies more than just culinary excellence; it represents an ongoing journey toward healing, empowerment, and community solidarity against adversity.

Caroline Johnston’s personal ethos—finding strength through adversity—imbues every layer cake with meaning far beyond its ingredients.

Photo Courtesy: Anthony Escalante

As visitors step into Green Island Bakery or engage with its digital presence online,

they’re invited into a story still unfolding—a narrative where every cookie crumb tells tales

of resilience.

In this way,

Green Island Bakery doesn’t just offer sustenance for the body—it nourishes souls,

proving once again how intertwined food, culture, and healing truly are. 

Go to the website to order Authentic Irish Treats:


Come by The Bakery 

Green Island Bakery 

1369 New York Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20002 

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