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How Mark O’Brien Is Revolutionizing Fitness in Australia

How Mark O'Brien Is Revolutionizing Fitness in Australia
Photo Courtesy: Mark O’Brien

By: Joshua Finley

His Journey from Software Engineering to Fitness Expert

Mark O’Brien’s career trajectory has been anything but conventional. Originally trained as a software engineer, Mark transitioned to physical therapy, where he honed his expertise as a registered physio. After years of running a successful clinic in Dublin, Mark moved to Australia a decade ago and gradually shifted his focus from physiotherapy to fitness and strength coaching. His diverse background has uniquely positioned him to bridge the gap between injury rehabilitation and strength training, offering a holistic approach to fitness.

“I’ve spent the last 20 years investing in myself,” says Mark. “I’ve worked with finest physios and coaches in the U.S. and brought all that knowledge back to Australia. My goal has always been to teach and mentor other trainers, leveraging my dual expertise in physio and fitness.”

The Birth of FitPlusWell

The inception of FitPlusWell stemmed from Mark’s dissatisfaction with the limitations of commercial gyms. “In a commercial gym, you have no control,” Mark explains. “If I write a plan for a client and can’t access the necessary equipment, I’m not providing the finest service possible. It’s frustrating for both the coach and the client.”

Mark identified several critical issues with commercial gyms: overcrowded spaces, lack of access to equipment, a focus on maximizing memberships instead of delivering quality training, and creating intimidating environments that can discourage newcomers. 

Driven by the desire to create a better fitness experience, Mark decided to build his own gym. “I wanted to provide a space where clients could access the right equipment and receive personalized coaching in a supportive environment. We built FitPlusWell in just three months, focusing on spacious layouts, high-quality equipment, and smaller, more intimate class sizes.”

Transforming the Fitness Landscape

FitPlusWell stands out in the crowded fitness market by offering semi-private coaching sessions that blend the benefits of personal training with the camaraderie of group fitness. Clients receive individualized attention from coaches while participating in group workouts. This model ensures that clients get both worlds: tailored strength training and the motivational boost of a group setting.

“We provide a facility where people can come in during designated coaching hours and always have a coach checking in on them,” Mark says. “Our strength coaching is more technical and requires constant supervision, which we ensure by maintaining a low coach-to-client ratio.”

FitPlusWell also addresses the gap in fitness offerings for those who find traditional sports or fitness programs too demanding. “CrossFit can be too complex, and marathons require a significant time commitment,” Mark explains. “Our FitSeries competition is designed to be inclusive and manageable. It’s a team-based contest that lasts 60-70 minutes and includes activities like running, cycling, rowing, and skiing. It’s less about intense training and more about having fun and staying active.”

Future Plans and Innovations

Looking ahead, Mark is eager to expand the reach of FitPlusWell and introduce new fitness competitions. “I’m pitching a new fitness competition to rival other major fitness events and high-intensity programs,” he shares. “The goal is to create a low-barrier, inclusive competition that encourages teamwork and participation from people of all fitness levels.”

Mark also envisions FitPlusWell playing a significant role in corporate wellness programs. “In the case of my corporate clients, the aim is to keep employees at work, happy and motivated. Our tailored plans within workplace culture programs focus on regular assessments and fitness tests. We aim to improve morale and develop a culture of long-term, sustainable wellness.”


Through FitPlusWell, Mark O’Brien is redefining the fitness experience in Australia, making it more accessible, personalized, and enjoyable. With a focus on inclusive competitions and corporate wellness, Mark is set to revolutionize the way Australians approach fitness and well-being.

“I love helping my clients become more active and learn new skills around wellness,” Mark says. “Our goal at FitPlusWell is to create a welcoming environment where everyone can thrive and embrace a healthier lifestyle.”

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