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Champion of Change: Jesse Benson Earns Top Fitness Award 2024

Champion of Change- Jesse Benson Earns Top Fitness Award
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Vision to Transform the Fitness Space Earns Jesse Benson Recognition and Award – read more in the article below.

Today, a lot of people are conscious about their mental health and fitness.

Jesse Benson is a personal trainer and health coach passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals in and outside the gym. He is the CEO and owner of Fit Integrated Wellness, which brings together personal trainers and healthcare practitioners. 

Jesse has made fitness more accessible for all Canadians by offering affordable 30-minute personal training sessions online and in person as well as trainers through his academy, for an affordable price of only $20 per session. Canada’s most affordable personalized training program.

He champions holistic well-being, focusing on resilience, strength, and lasting positive change. For his clients, this means identifying the weak links in their habits that prevent them from attaining their health goals, overcoming them, and living healthier lives.

He empowers other fitness trainers in his facilities to plan training sessions in ways that can identify and strengthen those weak spots in their clients and refer them to the appropriate health professional or practitioner. 

Jesse Benson’s vision is to transform the fitness space from focusing on bettering the physical shapes to achieving holistic wellness. He seeks to bridge the gap between healthcare and fitness as he believes getting healthier and improving body shapes can both be achieved.

And, for his passion and efforts to revolutionize the industry, IMPACT magazine awarded him as Top Fitness Trainer of the Year 2024

An Integrated Approach

Jesse notes that the challenges in the fitness industry is information overload for clients, getting side tracked with fitness trends for trainers, and not staying in their lane when it comes to rehabilitation.

According to him, the trainer’s role is to hold the clients accountable to their fitness routines, goals and homework that the clients’ physio or RMT has assigned to them.

Fit Integrated Wellness incorporates other practitioners responsible for other aspects of health to complement the trainers’ roles. These include physiotherapists, chiropractors, and Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs), who help to detect the causes of injuries, examine them, and recommend the necessary steps to help heal them. 

They also have nutritionists to guide the clients according to their situations and goals. Finally, the trainers guide the clients through their plans as the practitioners recommend. The goal is to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals, and identify what prevents them from achieving their wellness goals.

Jesse found the vision and inspiration to start Fit Integrated wellness when the world needed healing — after the pandemic. Like most people, things were not going well, and he had lost almost everything, including his previous gym facility.

When he found a new facility, after much prayer, he wanted his new endeavor to be more than just a gym. Instead, to provide holistic wellness and help others heal.

He also wanted to help other trainers who had lost their livelihoods and shut their businesses, so he reached out to them and offered them a facility to continue working and improve their mental well-being. 

Even today, he continues to mentor trainers in ways they can best collaborate and work with other practitioners to find possibilities for collaboration and sending each other clients. The purpose is to help them grow their businesses and concentrate on their respective roles that they play in their shared clients health and fitness goals. Deviating from their roles and doing things they are not qualified for could end up bringing further injuries, lost time and money to their clients.

He also mentors aspiring fitness trainers in his Academy (National Personal Training Academy). 

Jesse Benson’s fulfilling journey

With more than two decades in the fitness industry, Jesse feels confident that he is fulfilling his purpose to help others in their personal growth and wellness.

He started his journey as a young teenage boy, helping his high schoolmates work out and learn gym techniques. Later, he moved to Vancouver, where he professionally started at age 21. 

Besides Fit Integrated Wellness, he pioneered the 30-minute training sessions and to date has provided Canadians with the most 30 minute personal training sessions. These innovative sessions helped make personalized fitness training more accessible to busy people and changed the notion that you must spend lots of time and money to achieve fitness.

Jesse Benson’s award as the Top Fitness Trainer of 2024 is a testament to his hard work and championing the improvement of the fitness industry. It shows others recognize his work and passion to improve Canadians’ lives and help them achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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