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John Butler: Driving Choice in Business Healthcare

John Butler Driving Choice in Business Healthcare
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By: Strategy Achievers LLC

Healthcare insurance is one of the benefits seekers consider when looking for a company to work for. Employers know this and offer health plans to incentivize new talent and retain those working for them. According to research, employers with comprehensive health plans appeal to more job seekers than their counterparts. 

Regardless, the cost of health insurance continues to rise. Rules and regulations are constantly being imposed from the government to the insurance companies, employers, and employees. While employers and employees bear the brunt of the deal, the current structure benefits a few players like insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and equipment providers.

One man advocates for change in an industry riddled with challenges and resistance to reforms. John Butler, a health benefits consultant and the founder of JB Benefits Consulting, is on a mission to revolutionize the business healthcare industry. 

He is driven by a passion for free-market principles and a zeal to empower employers with knowledge and strategies to have choice and competition in healthcare. 

For the last 14+ years John has researched and eventually contracted with what he considers to be the best-of-the-best brokers from all around the United States. In fact, John sold his own Employee Benefits brokerage business last year (in September of 2023) to become completely independent. 

His 2024 Fast-track RFP puts these proven track-record performers in front of employers through a series of online interviews. This can take the guesswork out of trying to figure out who to bring in to bid on your company’s business healthcare plan.

Additionally, he has written and published a book, “Health Insurance Sucks,” that offers innovative plans and approaches for business healthcare.

From Selling Popcorn to Financial Advisor

John grew up in Bloomington, Minnesota. He attended Kennedy High before pursuing higher education at Moorhead State College. His first taste of the working world was at the Met stadium, where he sold popcorn during Twins and Vikings games. This was before the stadium was destroyed and the Mall of America put in its place. After college, John had several odd jobs before finding his footing in the securities industry and eventually landing a full-time position at Mass Mutual Companies in 1988. While there, he was honored as the Rookie of the Year, winning a trip to Hawaii. These were the early beginnings of his 34-year illustrious career as a financial advisor.

In 1996, John Butler took a leap of faith and started his entrepreneurial journey. He established JB Benefits Consulting and purchased a block of Employee Benefits business from a colleague at Mass Mutual Companies. The opportunity put him in charge of managing benefits like health, life, dental and disability insurance for small to mid-sized businesses.

There was one persistent challenge that kept boggling his mind. In business healthcare, costs were rising while benefits were diminishing, leaving companies with little freedom to make lasting changes and impacts. Despite his business success, he felt he had to challenge the status quo and champion choice and competition in healthcare benefits.

Business Healthcare Advocate

This passion to advocate for change led him to a 14+ year journey of research that led him to a startling realization. The system was intentionally designed to benefit insurance companies, pharmacy companies, and other stakeholders. It did not serve the interests of employers and their employees.

John’s research and findings culminated in the self-publication of his book, “Health Insurance Sucks,” in 2021. The book explores the flaws in the current healthcare systems and guides employers on practical methods they can offer their employees healthcare benefits. It equips them to have the upper hand against the insurance companies and big pharma. It is a call to action for employers to take back control of their healthcare options.

In 2022 and 2023, John Butler sold his securities and employee benefits businesses to become a completely independent business healthcare consultant. Today, John continues to guide employers  on innovative approaches to business healthcare that satisfies long-term budgets, saves on expenses, and provides a path toward zero deductibles that haven’t been seen in decades.


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