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Empowering Future Leaders: Legacy Project and the Global Youth Awards

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Photo Courtesy: Kai Bishop

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In a world where the adage “youth are the leaders of tomorrow” rings truer than ever, organizations like the Legacy Project are stepping up to create platforms that are not just future-focused but boundlessly impactful. Based in the UK and established in 2010, the Legacy Project is a registered charity committed to weaving communities together through youth empowerment and engagement. One of its most prominent initiatives includes the Global Youth Awards, a sparkling event that recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of young visionaries across the globe.

The Genesis of the Legacy Project

The Legacy Project was conceived out of a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of youth. This UK-registered charity has been diligently working since 2010 to bridge gaps between various sectors—youth projects, businesses, and educational institutions. The organizational mission is straightforward yet powerful: to foster an environment where young individuals can grow, innovate, and lead. “Leadership development for youth is what we are all about. We are creating a wide and influential support network of amazing creative and purpose driven youth leaders” expressed Kat Povey, Director of Partnerships.

The team behind the Legacy Project does more than just act as an intermediary. They engage in comprehensive cultural immersions to understand the goals and expectations of their partners thoroughly. By curating bespoke programmes filled with workshops, interactions, and measurable output, they ensure that both Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives are met.

A Fusion of Partnerships and Impacts

One of the significant roles of the Legacy Project is to act as a connector—bringing business entities into meaningful collaborations with youth projects and charities. Each project undergoes rigorous quality assurance to ensure they match the client’s specific requirements perfectly. This meticulous matching process makes it easier for companies to engage with their communities and leverage their resources for greater good.

Not only do these partnerships benefit youth directly through various programs and workshops, but they also ensure that the initiatives align with the broader objectives of Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG. Through detailed reporting and KPI measurements, the Legacy Project provides transparent and impactful collaboration experiences for all stakeholders involved.

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Photo Courtesy: Kai Bishop

The Global Youth Awards: A Celebration of Young Change-Makers

The Global Youth Awards, an initiative under the Legacy Project , highlights individuals aged 11-25 who are making significant social and environmental impacts. Held annually in London each November, these awards have grown in stature and reach, now accepting nominations from 78 countries worldwide. The event is live-streamed globally, allowing people from across the world to participate and get inspired.

The awards are not merely about recognition but are also about fostering a support system that extends well beyond the ceremony. Winners are invited to become Global Change Ambassadors, gaining access to a network rife with opportunities for collaborations, events, mentoring, and personal development. Past winners often return to contribute as judges, hosts, performers, or speakers, thus perpetuating a cycle of inspiration and growth.

Creating Lifetime Opportunities

The impact of the Global Youth Awards stretches far beyond a one-night event. It serves as a launchpad for young talents, offering them lifelong opportunities to thrive. All participating projects automatically get nominated for these prestigious awards, and companies involved are encouraged to sponsor or partner, further solidifying the connection between corporate entities and their communities.

By creating an environment where young talent can shine, be recognized, and continue to influence, the Legacy Project is shaping the leaders of the future. They are not just providing immediate opportunities; they are crafting a network and ecosystem where youth can continuously grow, innovate, and lead.

The Legacy Project and the Global Youth Awards encapsulate a vision of an interconnected world where young leaders are defined not just by their age but by their capacity to drive change. Through thoughtful programming, meticulous partnership management and opportunities, and an unwavering commitment to youth empowerment, they are crafting legacies of their own—legacies that will inspire generations to come.

Legacy Project and the Global Youth Awards
Photo Courtesy: Kai Bishop

Published by: Martin De Juan

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