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Save Beach Bash, A Befitting Culmination to an eccentric Tourism Jamboree

Save Beach Bash, A Befitting Culmination to an eccentric Tourism Jamboree
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In a dazzling symphony of music, sports, and cultural celebration, the Save Beach Bash emerged as the grand finale of a two-week-long tourism extravaganza meticulously crafted by the Zimbabwean government and the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority. Beneath the timeless gaze of the 88-year-old Birchenough Bridge, the event unfolded, drawing residents of the Birchenough Bridge community, who, undeterred by the scorching sun, eagerly participated in the festivities.

The diverse program of the jamboree showcased the richness of Zimbabwean culture and sportsmanship. The Leopard Rock Hotel golf course witnessed a thrilling golf tournament, while the Nyanyadzi Hot Springs became the stage for an impressive display of soccer skills and a captivating cultural exhibition. Meanwhile, the Save Beach transformed into a battleground for intense competitions in beach volleyball, cricket, and tug of war, with winners from all the mentioned events receiving their accolades from none other than the esteemed Minister of Tourism, Honorable Barbara Rwodzi on the final day at the Save Beach.

Adding a crescendo to the festivities was a stellar lineup of artists, headlined by the charismatic Jah Signal. His electric performance and commanding stage presence left the Birchenough Bridge crowd in awe, creating an unforgettable experience that resonated with the beats of the Save River. The event possibly earmarked the beginning of the festive season in the Birchenough Bridge rural community, injecting a sense of joy and anticipation into the air.

Crucial to the success of the Save Beach Bash was the unwavering support and involvement of the Office of the President and Cabinet, led by Dr. Mutambudzi. Their active participation in both the planning and execution of the event underscored the government’s commitment to fostering tourism as a driver of economic growth.

Beyond the revelry, the jamboree brought about tangible improvements to the local infrastructure. Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) drilled boreholes, addressing water supply challenges in the area. Simultaneously, the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority implemented permanent power infrastructure, ensuring sustained development. Telecommunications also received a boost, thanks to TelOne, which worked to make broadband accessible. The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) played its part, with a broadcasting van on-site to beam the day’s proceedings on national television, allowing the entire nation to share in the festivities.

Honourable Rwodzi, in her address, expressed optimism that the collaborative blueprint established between the government, the Tourism Ministry, and the Tourism Authority would serve as a transformative model for promoting tourism nationwide. The success of this initiative, evident in both improved infrastructure and heightened local engagement, sets a precedent for replication in other provinces, promising economic growth through the vibrant tourism sector.

As the revelers at the Save Beach Bash danced the night away to music from celebrated local artists, the event left behind not only indelible memories of a vibrant celebration but also a promising template for the future of Zimbabwean tourism. The echoes of music, cheers, and cultural exchange reverberate, carrying the hope that this event will serve as a catalyst for continued collaboration, propelling Zimbabwe to new heights in the realm of global tourism.

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