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Shirley Luu: Empowering Financial Literacy and Security

Shirley Luu: Empowering Financial Literacy and Security
Photo Courtesy: Shirely Luu

By: Lennard James  

Shirley Luu is a distinguished financial advisor, hands-on trainer, author, and national speaker on financial literacy. With over 25 years of expertise in the financial services field, Shirley stands out as one of the industry’s most notable connoisseurs. Her profound knowledge and unwavering commitment have made her a renowned wealth guru, particularly known for her dedication to educating and empowering individuals on financial security. 

Currently serving as the Executive Field Chairperson for First Financial Security, Shirley has devoted more than 17 years to guiding individuals, small business owners, and large corporations in securing lifetime income and planning for retirement. Her work extends beyond mere advice; it encompasses a holistic approach to financial wellness, ensuring that her clients are well-informed and prepared for the future. 

In 2021, Shirley Luu & Associates, LLC was established, marking a significant milestone in her career. This new branding underscores Shirley’s commitment to delivering personalized financial solutions. Her team, comprised of licensed professionals, excels in configuring the best financial and insurance products tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. Their expertise spans a wide array of services, including retirement planning, savings plans, and life insurance solutions, ensuring comprehensive financial security for their clients. 

Shirley’s personal journey is as inspiring as her professional achievements. After the unexpected death of her husband, who did not have life insurance, Shirley found herself financially unprepared. This challenging experience as a widowed mother of three motivated her to launch her own firm. She aimed to help families avoid the hardships she endured by providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary for financial security. Her dedication to this cause is evident in the significant impact she has made: her team of over 400 associates has assisted more than 27,500 clients and protected $4 billion worth of assets. 

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by women, Shirley actively empowers women across the globe to “know their money.” Through various educational and enrichment programs, including the LiSA Initiative, she champions financial literacy and independence for women. Her efforts are not confined to her immediate clientele but extend to a broader audience through multiple platforms. 

Shirley’s expertise and passion for financial literacy have garnered her numerous awards and accolades. In 2021, she was selected by Forbes magazine as one of the top 50 thought leaders in finance out of 10,000 women. Additionally, her insights on Guaranteed Lifetime Income, Financial Literacy, and Smart Retirement were highlighted in Forbes 2016 Magazine. She has also been recognized for her company’s rapid growth, earning the ranking of the fastest-growing company by the Washington Business Journal for three consecutive years and is in the running for a fourth year as of 2024. 

Her media presence is substantial, with her monthly syndication on Sirius XM Satellite Radio reaching listeners in all 50 states. Shirley has hosted and co-produced the cable television series “The Real Secrets of Money” and appeared on major networks such as ABC Channel 7 WJLA, Channel 9 WUSA, and FOX 5 in 2019 and 2020. As of June 2024, she has already aired seven episodes of her weekly show on Fox 5 Plus TV, which continues to grow in popularity. 

Shirley is also a prolific author. Her book “IUL ASAP” hit number one on Amazon in seven categories, and her upcoming release “FIA ASAP” is set to launch in June 2024. Her commitment to financial education is evident in her literary success and the positive reception of her publications. 

For over 25 years, Shirley Luu and her associates have been steadfast in their mission to assist individuals, families, and businesses in achieving financial security. With over 400 agents and $560 million in assets under management, Shirley’s impact is profound and far-reaching. Her journey from personal adversity to professional triumph serves as a testament to her resilience and dedication. Through her expertise, compassionate approach, and unwavering commitment, Shirley Luu continues to make a profound impact on the financial well-being of countless individuals. And she doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. For more information about Shirley Luu & Associates visit: Shirley Luu & Associates (SLA) | Financial Services & Insurance (


Published By: Aize Perez

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