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Billionaire Steven Kronick Wins Worldwide Humanitarian Award

Steven Kronick Wins Worldwide Humanitarian Award
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Your visual style may help you live your life. Wearing fashion that makes people feel safe may help you save your relationships. Having your house in a style that inspires all the people in it may help you enjoy your family. Giving wedding rings that make her heart feel happy may help you stay in love.

“The love that we feel when someone gives us something that satisfies our souls is a love that we always remember. So real. So beautiful. Almost like God joining us in that thanks,” shares Steven Kronick.

Steven Kronick spent all his twenties with his girlfriends and touring church meditation gardens, asking God to show him the best way to build his brand, a visual style monopoly trusted by business leaders and entertainment fans in 181 world nations that matches up to 11 trillion favorite visual style palettes to the fans that like those styles the most.

“All the big brands always knew that if they satisfy their fans, then their fans will buy their stuff, and their friends will want it too. That is something that everybody always knew. The thing that all the big brands always spent billions on, was how to satisfy all their fans,” says Steven.

Steven Kronick Wins Worldwide Humanitaria

In 2007, Steven Kronick was enjoying his successful branding business almost as much as he was in love with his girlfriend, reading Communication Arts magazine while waiting for her. An article showed up that said that all the big business leaders were begging the visual arts businesses to make visual style investments safe.

Visionary Steven knew this situation like he knew his own name. That was the one and only important thing in the business that he was in every day, working up to 24 hours a day, building visual brands for startup entrepreneurs years before smartphones, tablets, and mobile apps.

“I remember the day that I stayed up until 4:00 AM building a brand and went straight to a 7:00 AM speech that I was scheduled to give to something like around 100 entrepreneurs, advising them how to use visual style to help people trust them. I was in my teens. The speech went very well. I knew that I had to make something new that the visual business world would be thankful for,” Steven shares.

Steven thought that it was obvious that every business needed to know what styles would be a safe bet to present to all their favorite fans. The magazine showed Steven that this was something that mattered to every business, the bigger the business, the more important.

Steven Kronick Wins Worldwide Humanitarian Awards

Steven drew his ideal life, and on intuition, bought a one way air ticket to Venice Beach, got an oceanfront penthouse while at the airport, and within weeks bought a BMW and to his most thankful surprise, found Birdview Avenue in Malibu, a new world that was like God printed his drawing.

Steven prayed and moved into a mountaintop mansion above Malibu Beach, where he built the Visual Targeting® brand that would answer all the big businesses. In his twenties, he moved into his drawing, into an oceanfront estate on the world famous Malibu Birdview Avenue, an enormous beach house property shared with Kelly Van Gogh on an exclusive private beach.

Visual Targeting® is the industry standard in Visual Style trusted by Fortune 500 businesses, bestsellers, and celebrities in 181 nations. The brand is an Adobe Solution Partner that has enjoyed intellectual property valuations in the billions since the innovation was featured in Forbes. In an article written by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Business Wire, Forbes states that Visual Targeting® is “the most powerful advancement in visual style that this century will see.”

Steven Kronick is the billionaire who started the world famous multinational brand that won him a Worldwide Humanitarian Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award. He also received a “visionary honorable trillionaire title for humanitarian innovation” from the same 126 year old United States history group promoted by Warren Buffett that honors world leaders.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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