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Virginia Tech’s Innovative Study on Boxing Headgear

Virginia Tech's Innovative Study on Boxing Headgear
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Groundbreaking Results in Protective Gear Testing

Recent studies conducted by Virginia Tech University, in collaboration with the forward-thinking boxing brand Hit N Move, have yielded groundbreaking results in the realm of boxing headgear. The university’s rigorous testing of Hit N Move’s new ultra-slim and lightweight Precision headgear model shows that it provides protection on par with the top models currently available. This achievement is particularly notable given the headgear’s significantly lighter and slimmer design, promising potential long-term benefits for the sport of boxing.

The Critical Need for Advanced Protective Gear

In a sport where protection can greatly impact an athlete’s long-term health, advancements in gear are crucial. Despite the growing body of research on gear optimization for brain health in sports like American football, university-level testing for boxing headgear has been largely neglected. Leveraging its expertise from studying football helmets, Virginia Tech has now expanded its research to include boxing.

The Visionary Initiative of Hit N Move

Approximately three years ago, Ozhan Akcakaya, the founder of Hit N Move and a licensed amateur boxer with a professional background in orthopedic and dermatological therapies, identified a significant gap in the market. The existing boxing headgear was bulky and heavy, with minimal innovation over the years. Akcakaya, believing that boxing deserves better, embarked on a mission to develop superior protective equipment.

Many boxers, including Akcakaya, have opted to spar without headgear due to the limited visibility and mobility associated with traditional designs. This challenge inspired the creation of Hit N Move’s advanced headgear. Collaborating with professional boxing coach Bruce Babashan, the team conceptualized a slimmer, lighter headgear focusing on key vulnerable areas like the temple, chin, cheeks, and back of the head.

Virginia Tech's Innovative Study on Boxing Headgear
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Development and Testing: A Rigorous Process

The journey to perfect the headgear involved numerous design iterations, with over 20 failed attempts before achieving the desired model. To validate its efficacy, Hit N Move partnered with Virginia Tech for scientific testing.

Together, they established the first-ever standardized testing protocol for boxing headgear. The tests measured the impact on Hit N Move’s headgear and other popular models from Japan, Mexico, America, and Britain, using punches at three different energy levels on various headgear sections.

Significant Findings from Virginia Tech’s Study

The research confirmed that wearing headgear significantly reduces the risk of concussions compared to not wearing any, emphasizing the importance of headgear in sparring sessions. This evidence is crucial for boxers and reinforces the need for protective equipment.

Despite being 5 ounces lighter and much slimmer than the leading Japanese model, Hit N Move’s headgear performed comparably in all tested categories. This result is a promising indication of the future of protective boxing equipment.

Virginia Tech's Innovative Study on Boxing Headgear
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Community Feedback and Further Testing

In addition to Virginia Tech’s scientific validation, the headgear underwent blind testing in multiple gyms, including Upton Boxing Baltimore, overseen by Head Coach Calvin Ford, who trains world champion Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. Other participating gyms included STB Boxing Gym in Lorton, VA, Telford Boxing Academy in the UK, and Kaizen MMA in Fairfax, VA.

Boxers tested various headgear models without knowing which brand they were using. After three rounds, they provided feedback on vision, protection, and movement. The responses were overwhelmingly positive, with fighters expressing amazement at the new headgear, noting it felt like wearing no headgear at all while still offering excellent protection.


The collaboration between Virginia Tech University and Hit N Move has resulted in a significant advancement in boxing headgear. The ultra-slim and lightweight design of Hit N Move’s headgear not only enhances safety but also improves performance for boxers, marking a significant step forward in protective sports equipment innovation. This breakthrough underscores the importance of continuous research and development in ensuring athlete safety in contact sports.


Published By: Aize Perez

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