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Bridging Classrooms to Corporate Hubs: Ukrainian Vabaduse Kool Students Dive into PRNEWS.IO’s World

Bridging Classrooms to Corporate Hubs: Ukrainian Vabaduse Kool Students Dive into PRNEWS.IO's World
Photo Credited to: Vabaduse Kool & PRNEWS.IO

TALLINN, [8/12/2023] – Last Friday, December 8th, a group of vibrant 9th-grade Ukrainian students living in Tallinn, Estonia, delved into the world of public relations and media on a firsthand field trip. Their destination of choice was the bustling office of PRNEWS.IO, guided by their Marketing Course Teacher at Vabaduse Kool, Lesia Raboshuk.

Nataliia Storozhuk, Head of Customers Onboarding at PRNEWS.IO, warmly welcomed and guided the students through an interactive tour of the office. The visit aimed to connect classroom learning with practical applications, providing valuable insights into marketing and public relations.

Lesia Raboshuk elaborated on the purpose behind this initiative: “As a teacher passionate about marketing, I wanted my students to see how our coursework translates into real-world scenarios. Visiting PRNEWS.IO was inspiring, showing how the skills we learn apply in a professional setting. Witnessing professionals at work and understanding a thriving PR company’s daily operations was an educational experience.”

Nataliia Storozhuk also shared her thoughts on hosting the students: “We were delighted to host the students from Vabaduse Kool at our office. It’s important to expose young minds to various aspects of our industry. Initiatives like these contribute to educating future professionals. We hope the visit sparked their interest in media and PR.”

The visit included interactive sessions, discussions on industry trends, and a Q&A session, offering students a deeper understanding of the field. This commitment aligns with PRNEWS.IO’s dedication to supporting educational initiatives and nurturing the aspirations of tomorrow’s professionals.

About Vabaduse Kool

Vabaduse Kool, which in English means “Freedom School” is a school operating according to the Estonian national curriculum, which offers young Ukrainian war refugees the opportunity to acquire primary and secondary education. Their goal is to support the integration of Ukrainian youth into Estonian society and at the same time enable them to maintain and develop their knowledge of the native language and knowledge of Ukrainian culture. The Vabaduse Kool offers an integrated education that meets the needs of modern society, through which learners develop a readiness for lifelong learning and an informed career choice, as well as civic initiative and entrepreneurship skills.


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