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Dr. Sarah Sun Liew: Illuminating the Path of Peace at the United Nations

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew: Illuminating the Path of Peace at the United Nations
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On a landmark day, December 12, 2023, a ceremony of profound significance unfolded at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. The Institute of Noahide Code, recognized by the United Nations, hosted the Menorah of Peace Award ceremony, setting a new precedent in the pursuit of global peace, democracy, and harmony.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew: The Epitome of Peace and Leadership

The ceremony was graced by the distinguished presence of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew. Dr. Liew, receiving the prestigious Menorah of Peace Award, showcased her unwavering commitment to the values of peace and unity. Her alignment with the Chanukah festival’s ethos, coupled with her respect for Jewish faith and principles, resonated profoundly with the audience, bridging Jewish peace with the universal aspiration for global harmony.

Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen: Architect of Global Unity

Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen, the driving force behind the Institute of Noahide Code, presented the award, reinforcing the event’s profound impact. His leadership and commitment to the Universal Noahide Code’s values – a set of principles that transcend cultural and religious boundaries – underscored his role as a pioneer in fostering global peace and understanding.

The Menorah: A Symbol Beyond Religion

The Menorah, central to the Jewish tradition, transcended its religious significance at the ceremony. It emerged as a beacon of hope and resilience, embodying the enduring spirit of the Jewish people and their cultural legacy. This symbolism was integral to the ceremony, underscoring the universal importance of religious freedom and human rights.

The Sefer Torah Scroll: Bridging Past and Present

In her address, Dr. Liew highlighted the introduction of a new Sefer Torah Scroll, a symbol of the continuity of Jewish teachings. This element connected the ceremony with Jewish heritage, emphasizing the timeless nature of these teachings and their relevance in today’s world.

A New Era in Human Rights Advocacy

The Menorah of Peace Award ceremony, under the visionary leadership of Rabbi Cohen, represented more than an event; it was a beacon of hope and unity. It marked a significant moment in the ongoing journey towards global understanding and advocacy for human rights.

Connecting with the Institute and Dr. Liew

To learn more about the Institute of Noahide Code, contact Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen at Further insights into Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s work and contributions can be found at

Media Spotlight on Dr. Liew’s Achievements

The event and Dr. Liew’s participation have garnered attention in various publications, reflecting its impact on the global stage:

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In a gesture that transcends the ordinary, Dr. Sarah Sun Liew recently presented her latest book to Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen, an act symbolizing not only her gratitude but also a profound intellectual and cultural bond. This exchange represents more than the sharing of a written work; it is a testament to Dr. Liew’s deep respect for Rabbi Cohen and her commitment to disseminating valuable insights and knowledge.

A Meaningful Expression of Gratitude and Wisdom

The act of gifting her book to Rabbi Cohen was a significant move by Dr. Liew, reflecting her appreciation for his support and mentorship. This gesture transcended the usual dynamics of an author-reader relationship, highlighting the deep mutual respect and shared values between these two prominent figures.

Dr. Liew’s Journey as an Author

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew is also an accomplished author, whose writings delve into the core of American values, business acumen, and cultural integration. Her books offer not just information but a personal narrative that provides insight into her life and professional endeavors.

Invitation to Explore Dr. Liew’s Literary World

Those interested in exploring Dr. Liew’s rich literary contributions and gaining a deeper understanding of her views on business, societal integration, and her vision for America are encouraged to visit her authorial site. Her published works, available at, offer a window into her ideology and professional philosophy.

The Uniting Power of Literature

Dr. Liew’s decision to present her book to Rabbi Cohen underscores the unique ability of literature to forge connections between individuals. It highlights the significance of intellectual dialogue in promoting understanding and respect across diverse communities and leadership circles.

The Lasting Impact of Dr. Liew’s Writings

Through her written works, Dr. Liew continues to leave an indelible mark on a broad readership. Her writings serve as a guide and source of inspiration, offering nuanced perspectives on business challenges, cultural diversity, and the foundational principles of American society. Her book emerges not just as a collection of pages but as a beacon of enlightenment for those seeking deeper understanding and guidance.

Reflecting on Dr. Liew’s Literary Gesture

The act of gifting her book to Rabbi Cohen goes beyond a mere token of appreciation; it is emblematic of the enduring influence of literature and the shared path of intellectual growth and development. Dr. Liew’s work stands as an open invitation to all those who aspire to comprehend the complexities of business success and the core values that define our communities.

Discovering Dr. Liew’s Comprehensive Impact

For an in-depth exploration of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s extensive work and her significant achievements, her official website is an invaluable resource. It provides a comprehensive look into her advocacy efforts, her diverse initiatives, and the key milestones in her career.

Media Spotlight on Dr. Liew’s Contributions

Dr. Liew’s influential role and her diverse contributions have garnered attention in various leading publications, offering detailed coverage of her journey and her impact on various sectors:

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To engage further with the Institute of Noahide Code or to connect with Rabbi Cohen, you can reach out via email at or visit their website at

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