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Ginger DeClue and Her Innovative Approach to Health through Detox

Ginger DeClue and Her Innovative Approach to Health through Detox
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In the realm of holistic health, where ancient wisdom meets modern wellness, Ginger DeClue emerges as a pioneering force, transforming lives through her innovative health practice – Detox by DeClue. Through an insightful interview, delve into the heart of Ginger’s journey, exploring the intricacies of iridology, the impetus behind her passion for detox, and the profound connection between emotional well-being and the detoxification process. 

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At the core of Ginger’s Detox program lies iridology, an ancient practice that decodes the patterns and colors in the iris, offering a unique window into an individual’s overall health. Ginger eloquently explains, “The Iris is divided into multiple zones, each of which represents a different aspect or organ of the human body.” This holistic approach enables her to identify areas of stress and potential health risks, laying the groundwork for a personalized detox journey. 

Ginger’s foray into detox and iridology is deeply personal. Struggling with chronic illness in 2009, her quest for healing led her through a myriad of holistic approaches, from Chinese medicine to Ayurveda. It was the revelation of an iridology reading that left an indelible mark on her journey. “The iridologist was so accurate…but what was more fascinating was how my eyes drastically changed the more I cleansed my body,” Ginger reflects. This pivotal moment ignited a passion for detox, compelling her to share the transformative potential with the world. 

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From improved digestion to enhanced mental clarity, detoxification becomes a catalyst for holistic well-being. “Detoxing can help boost your energy levels…promotes overall wellness,” Ginger notes, painting a vivid picture of the myriad benefits. Signs for a Detox Call: For Ginger, the most common signs prompting a detox are poignant: persistent sickness, digestive issues, and the elusive brain fog. She challenges us to rethink our purpose on this earth, emphasizing that true thriving is hindered when constantly battling ailments. 

Ginger shares a compelling case where iridology provided insights beyond conventional methods. While not a treatment for diseases, iridology often reveals markings indicating parasites. Students with autoimmune conditions, lupus, MS, and IBS have experienced symptom relief through cleansing parasites, showcasing the holistic power of iridological insights. 

Detox by DeClue  plans are a symphony of herbal protocols and personalized guidance. Through health history and iridology readings, she tailors an individualized detox experience. Working closely with co-coaches, including RNs, ensures a supportive environment where challenges can be addressed on the path to optimal health. 

Addressing common misconceptions, Ginger clarifies, “Detox and iridology are NOT here to replace medicine but to work hand in hand.” She emphasizes the need for both conventional and holistic approaches, celebrating the medical miracles performed daily while offering alternative paths for chronic illnesses. 

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Ginger celebrates complete remission for some, she values incremental progress, aiming for symptom reduction of 20-40% after 16 weeks. The time invested aligns with the belief that healing takes time, echoing the adage that for each year of sickness, it may take one month to one year to heal. 

Her learning philosophy centers on experience, with insights gained from students surpassing traditional courses. Exciting research from institutions like Harvard reinforces aspects of her practice, with fasting gaining recognition for reducing inflammation, disease, and increasing longevity. 

Recognizing the complexity of individuals, Ginger acknowledges the role of emotional and mental aspects in detoxification. Trauma, emotions, and self-limiting habits are addressed through emotional support, providing a nurturing environment for holistic healing. 

To skeptics, Ginger extends an invitation to explore natural approaches aligned with ancestral wisdom. She challenges the notion that medicine alone holds the answers, advocating for a return to nature’s rhythms and the body’s innate ability to heal.

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