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How New York Cryogen, the Pioneer of High-Pressure Medical Cryotherapy, Is Revolutionizing Pain Management

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In the ever-evolving world of medical innovation, one name stands out as a true pioneer – New York Cryogen. As the creator, cultivator, and inventor of high-pressure medical cryotherapy, Gregory Papageorge is rewriting the script for pain management. With his groundbreaking technology, endorsed and approved by the American Medical Association (AMA), he is changing the face of medicine and the cryotherapy industry. New York Cryogen

New York Cryogen, a company founded by Gregory Papageorge, was initially established in November 2021 with an entirely different purpose in mind. It all began when Papageorge acquired a small medical device, not with the intent of entering the business world but to address his personal pain management needs. Little did he know that this seemingly modest, weak device would spark a revolution in the field of pain relief and recovery.

Upon delving into the functionality of this device, Papageorge was quick to recognize its inefficiencies. Still, his keen eye saw beyond its limitations. He realized the enormous potential it held for pain management when using cryotherapy in a groundbreaking way.

Traditional cryotherapy has long struggled to provide effective pain management due to its inability to penetrate body tissues. However, Gregory Papageorge’s innovative approach involves pressurizing cold cryogenic gas and applying it to the body. This process yields profound pain relief and virtually immediate reduction of inflammation, setting the stage for a pain management revolution.

We’re excited to announce a significant advancement in the field of high-pressure cryotherapy. We’ve incorporated the use of 3M Tegaderm and Ioban to address challenges associated with skin protection during treatments. The inception of this technique was based on feedback from patients who experienced skin irritation and stinging despite claims from certain manufacturers suggesting otherwise.

By introducing protective sheathing over the skin, we can effectively mitigate the cold’s shock, thereby significantly reducing the risks of burns and irritations. Though skin irritation remains a possibility, its occurrence rate has plummeted to less than 1%.

A previously overlooked issue in the industry was the condensation buildup on the skin, especially when exposed to humidity. When this condensation interacts with cold gas, such as liquid carbon dioxide, it can lead to “rain” or condensation. This sudden cold exposure can result in immediate ice burns. Thankfully, the sheathing material we use is waterproof, ensuring rigorous treatment while allowing cryo-gas to permeate. It’s worth noting that this material is entirely cryo-lucent.

Our dedication to patient safety remains paramount. In our ongoing efforts, we’ve collaborated with a NASA structural engineer to design a state-of-the-art reusable sheathing material infused with nano-technology. This material is designed to self-regulate: when it reaches a predetermined temperature, it automatically restricts the passage of cryo-gas. Although still in the developmental phase, we anticipate launching this innovative solution within the next 60 days. Not only does this address the environmental concerns by eliminating the disposable nature of the 3M products, but it also optimizes the efficiency of the AC-130 Viper system.

Papageorge’s journey into high-pressure medical cryotherapy is underpinned by his impressive 24-year career in healthcare sales. He has navigated the intricate landscapes of biotech pharmaceuticals and medical devices, with a specific focus on complex spine solutions over the past 15 years. His wealth of experience provided him with a unique perspective on pain management, which he has channeled into the development of a groundbreaking technology.

The significance of high-pressure medical cryotherapy lies in its ability to penetrate tissues effectively, targeting the root cause of pain and inflammation. Mr. Papageorge’s vision has led to the endorsement of this revolutionary approach by the AMA, a historic moment in the world of cryotherapy.

What sets New York Cryogen apart is its ability to accept healthcare insurance for high-pressure cryotherapy treatments, a distinction that no other cryotherapy company can claim. This achievement not only opens doors for those in need of pain management but also empowers individuals to become certified medical providers for this transformative modality.

New York Cryogen’s vision extends beyond pain management alone. The company is committed to developing medical devices for high-pressure cryotherapy, with the AC-130 Viper leading the way as the first of its kind in the world. An additional three devices are currently in development, promising further innovations in the field. This technology is light years ahead of the rest of the cryotherapy industry. A leap has been recognized by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance providers, with integration already in place across seven states. National expansion is planned for 2023 &  2024, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. A year from now, New York Cryogen aims to bring this revolutionary technology to Canada and the United Kingdom’s presently and other European countries.  

The powerful modality Gregory Papageorge has created has the potential to change the landscape not only within the cryotherapy industry but also in the broader field of medicine. The recognition of high-pressure medical cryotherapy as a medical procedure by the AMA signifies its safety, efficacy, and potential to revolutionize pain management.

Clinical and observational trials conducted by Mr. Papageorge himself have provided substantial evidence of the technology’s effectiveness. Over 6,500 procedures have been completed in less than two years, showcasing its rapid impact and benefits. The AMA’s unanimous fast-track approval of this modality is a testament to its significance in pain management.

Gregory Papageorge and New York Cryogen invite you to embark on a journey to explore high-pressure medical cryotherapy, a game-changing technology that holds the potential to transform the cryotherapy industry and improve the lives of countless individuals in need of pain relief and healing.

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Join the movement, experience the transformation, and witness how high-pressure medical cryotherapy is rewriting the script for pain management.

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