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Owen Care Corporation: Transforming Independence for Veterans and First Responders

Owen Care Corporation Independence for Vets and Responders
Photo Courtesy: Fernando Perez and Owen Care Staff

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Founded in 2010 in Mexico City, Fundacion Owen laid the groundwork for what would become Owen Care Corporation. With a focused mission to provide high-quality service dogs to injured veterans and first responders at no cost, the organization transitioned to the US in 2021. By September 2022, Owen Care had evolved into a 501(c)(3) public charity, steadfast in its mission to support these heroes.

Operating within the nonprofit sector, Owen Care focuses on charitable work that provides free service dogs to injured veterans and first responders. These well-trained service dogs significantly enhance their independence, self-esteem, and overall quality of life. The organization also extends its support to children and adults facing similar challenges. Relying heavily on grants and donations, Owen Care emphasizes community support and contributions from those who share its vision of inclusivity.

“Our mission is to enhance their independence, well-being, mobility, and overall quality of life,” states Pam Dodgen, appointed President of Owen Care in 2024. With a Doctorate in Psychology and a Marriage and Family Therapist licensure, Pam’s extensive mental health background and unwavering commitment to enriching lives are invaluable to the organization. She embodies the compassionate spirit of Owen Care, playing a crucial role in expanding operations, adhering to legal and regulatory requirements, securing funding, managing the budget, ensuring financial health, and working with a board of directors to set goals and strategic plans.

“Supporting our injured veterans, first responders, and people with disabilities reflects our collective humanity. Their courage and sacrifice deserve our support and action. We must fight for their rights, ensuring they receive the respect, care, and opportunities they so richly deserve,” says Pam Dodgen.

The necessity of Owen Care’s mission is underscored by poignant statistics. According to the 2020 California Census, the state is home to over 1.8 million veterans – the largest veteran population in the United States. Furthermore, 24.7% of these veterans have a service-connected disability rating, highlighting the urgent need for tailored support and resources.

Alarmingly, 29.9% of California veterans report having a disability, a figure significantly higher than the 13.3% rate among the non-veteran population (USAFacts, Veterans Affairs). The disabilities faced by veterans often range from physical injuries and PTSD to various service-connected conditions, underscoring the complexities of their needs and the pivotal role Owen Care plays.

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Photo Courtesy: Fernando Perez and Owen Care Staff

Owen Care’s objective is clear: to provide mobility assistance service dogs to veterans and first responders free of charge. These service dogs not only help individuals navigate daily challenges but also foster increased independence, self-confidence, and companionship. This, in turn, promotes a compassionate, inclusive community that understands and respects the experiences and challenges of individuals with disabilities.

Looking ahead, Owen Care has an ambitious plan to open a training facility in California within the next two years. This initiative will not only advance their mission but also provide job opportunities for veterans, aiding their transition into civilian life and supporting their economic stability. Employing veterans honors their service and facilitates their integration into the workforce, creating a community that truly gives back to those who have sacrificed so much.

Pam Dodgen’s leadership is pivotal to this vision. Her professional journey has seen her caring for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis and counseling students with emotional or behavioral challenges. Her deep commitment to helping others, enriched by compassion and understanding, and her advocacy for inclusivity guide Owen Care toward making a positive impact in the community.

Owen Care Corporation stands as a pillar of support for veterans, first responders, and individuals with mobility impairments. Through their exceptional service dogs, they enhance independence, promote well-being, and foster a more empathetic and inclusive society. Their future endeavors promise to expand this positive impact, reinforcing their dedication to the values of care, respect, and community. To find out more and ways to get involved, visit or their Instagram @usaowencare

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Photo Courtesy: Fernando Perez and Owen Care Staff


Published by: Martin De Juan

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