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Unveiling the Creative Minds Behind the New Movie Sisters and the Shrink 5

Sisters and the Shrink 5
Photo Courtesy: Sis to Sis Productions

By: Mia Riley

Step into the captivating world of “Sisters and the Shrink 5” as we sit down with two integral figures shaping its narrative: the prolific Lead Actor, Brandon Ellis, and the visionary Creator, Hazel Simpson. In this exclusive conversation, Ellis and Simpson share their distinct perspectives on the making of the series. From the intricacies of character portrayal to the profound messages they hope to resonate with the audience, join us in uncovering the behind-the-scenes dialogue that breathes life into this compelling production. 

Brandon Ellis: Lead Actor and Casting Director

Sisters and the Shrink 5
Photo Courtesy: Zach Veatch

Question: What was it like juggling dual roles as a Casting Director and a Lead actor for Sisters and the Shrink 5?

Answer: It was challenging in terms of speed, time management, and maintaining the right temperament for each role. Switching gears in a timely manner was tricky, ensuring everything was prepared. 

Question: How was it playing Mr. Brandon in Sisters and the Shrink 5?

Answer: It was wonderful and refreshing, bringing elements of myself into the role. In this edition, Mr. Brandon makes amends with Magnolia, adding humor, conflict resolution, and showcasing personal growth.

Question: What message do you want the audience to take away from Sisters and the Shrink 5?

Answer: I want people to recognize life’s daily struggles and the importance of resolving conflicts. The film breaks down the stigma of seeking help and encourages open discussions about self-improvement.

Hazel Simpson: Director

Sisters and the Shrink 5
Photo Courtesy: Sweet Shot Photography

In the thriving hub of Atlanta’s entertainment industry, one woman stands out as a trailblazer in the realm of filmmaking. Hazel Simpson, a graduate of Monroe College in New York, has emerged as a formidable presence, challenging the norms in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Simpson’s latest cinematic offering, “Sisters and the Shrink,” has captured the hearts of both critics and cinephiles alike. Based on a true story, the film follows the journey of six women seeking to mend their fractured relationships with the aid of a therapist. Its success culminated in Simpson being awarded the esteemed Silver Award at the 2019 International Independent Film Awards, cementing her status as a rising star in the industry.

From her earliest days, Simpson harbored a deep-seated passion for storytelling through the medium of film. This fervor propelled her to establish the I AM Awards—an initiative dedicated to honoring and uplifting women in the community for their invaluable contributions. For Simpson, filmmaking isn’t merely a profession but a powerful tool for inspiring and enlightening audiences of all ages.

Prior to venturing into filmmaking, Simpson honed her skills on the illustrious stages of Broadway, immersing herself in the world of musical theater. These formative experiences ignited her desire to nurture and educate budding talent, ultimately leading to the founding of the Drama and Arts Academy—a Georgia-based childcare facility focused on fostering creativity through arts-based education.

Despite her myriad achievements, Simpson remains grounded, attributing her success to the unwavering support of her family and her steadfast faith. Her resilience and unwavering dedication serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring filmmakers and women navigating the intricacies of the industry.

As Simpson sets her sights on her next cinematic endeavor, her passion and determination show no signs of waning. With a talented ensemble cast and a commitment to crafting stories that resonate with audiences, she continues to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

In an industry where women often find themselves underrepresented, Hazel Simpson shines brightly as a symbol of empowerment and excellence. Through her groundbreaking work, she not only leaves an indelible mark on Atlanta’s film scene but also paves the way for future generations of filmmakers to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Here we talk to her in delph about her new movie Sisters and the Shrink 5.

Question: Why include a festive season in Sisters and the Shrink 5?

Answer: To show a festive, happy time amidst life’s ups and downs. The decision stems from a desire to inspire and uplift the audience.

Question: Why continue the journey of Sisters and the Shrink despite the challenges?

Answer: Despite obstacles, pain, and the challenges of being an independent creator, it’s a purposeful ministry. The relatable journeys of each sister reflect societal issues, and walking in purpose brings fulfillment.

Question: Where can people watch Sisters and the Shrink 5?

Answer: You can tune in and support at, where all episodes are available. Additionally, the movie is on Amazon and various other platforms. 

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